Test and review Seagate One Touch SSD 1TB: a tiny drive in a canvas suit

Written by Ahsan Kamal

SSD drives are firmly entrenched in the market for external storage and data transfer devices. They are faster than HDD, they are not afraid of impacts, but you cannot call them compact. Seagate corrected this flaw by releasing the tiny Seagate One Touch SSD. Let’s take a closer look.

Most users often use USB flash drives to transfer and store data. They are compact in size and easy to handle. But copying files of tens of gigabytes on them is a real torment. And all because they have a write speed rarely exceeding 25 MB / s. As a solution to the problem, you can use SSD drives installed in a portable box with support for USB 3.1. But you need to be careful with them, because inexpensive models have “weak” controllers and in emergency situations (improper shutdown or power problems) they can easily disable the box electronics or memory of the SSD itself.

Therefore, in order to rid yourself of such risks, it is worth choosing specialized SSD solutions with increased reliability controllers. One of these drives with the “gentle” name Seagate One Touch SSD 1TB has  visited our test lab, and we are ready to talk about its features and test results.

Unusual design

The first thing you pay attention to when unpacking the device is its very compact size. Despite the impressive capacity for data storage of 1 TB, the manufacturer was able to “shrink” the size of the case almost double the standard for SSD 2.5 inches. In width, its dimensions are almost equal to a bank card, and in length it is shorter by almost 11 mm. The thickness is also very small – 10 mm.

To minimize the weight of the drive, its case was made entirely of white plastic. The highlight in the design is added to the top cover made of synthetic fabric with a canvas texture. It looks stylish and practical – spots on such a surface are not visible, and fingerprints also do not remain.

On the edge of the top cover defiantly bristles a strap with the company logo. Some users suggest to use as a loop for fastening on a carbine. I hooked it to a backpack (preferably in the inner pocket, so as not to lose), and the drive is always with you.

The lower part of the lid also has a texture, but in the form of oblique corrugation directly on the plastic. The hole for the SSD status indicator LED is located on the same side as the connector for connecting the USB 3.1 cable. The kit comes with a standard version of the interface cable with a USB 3.0 plug. 230 mm long also in a fabric braid.

Speed ​​test: synthetic and practical

We tested the external Seagate One Touch SSD 1TB on a Windows 10 laptop and plugged it into a USB 3.0 port. The results of speed measurements were impressive. High performance is due to the fact that the drive uses a very fast NAND flash memory and a high-quality controller. All this allows you to get a consistently high speed in the practical copying of files. Moreover, the data transfer rate does not drop even when the cache buffer is exhausted.

So, when transferring 13 GB of video files with a size of about 3.8 GB each with HDD (5200), the speed throughout the whole process was kept at 104 MB / s (screenshot on the left). When copying similar files from an internal SSD to an external solid state drive, the speed was more than 227 MB / s. Very fast! 

Synthetic speed tests in popular benchmarks showed an equally high speed for reading and writing data, comparable to SSD speeds connected via the SATA bus. A test in the Crystal DiskMark benchmark showed read results of 419 MB / s, and write a little lower – 404 MB / s. In other ATTO Disk Benchmark benchmarks in similar measurements, the results were significantly higher – 459 MB / s for reading and 442 MB / s for writing.

Another popular AS SSD benchmark made it possible to measure not only write and read speeds: 383 and 404 MB / s, respectively, but also to find out the data access time – 0.370 for writing and 0.330 for reading. Good performance for pluggable media.

In general, these results confirmed one of the most important functions of such external SSD drives, namely, the ability to fully use them for full-fledged work with high speeds directly from the carrier itself.

Software included

When you connect to your PC for the first time, Windows will open the contents of the drive for you, where you will see a separate folder for the MAC and, at the root, the software for Windows. Most users of the Russian segment will be interested in the latter. By launching the executable file, you will be transferred to the browser page with registration and downloading the Seagate Toolkit software . This is a compact set of tools that allows you to back up from a PC to an external drive in automatic mode, and if necessary, restore data.

It is noteworthy that the disk was originally formatted with the exFAT file system, which, in theory, should be supported by mobile devices. However, Android smartphones do not tolerate it and require formatting in Fat32. If you intend to backup photos and videos from your mobile, then perform this operation and you will have a giant portable storage at hand. True, in this case, the size of a single file copied to disk should be less than 4 GB.

Product Conclusion

The portable Seagate One Touch SSD 1TB is primarily interesting for its attractive case design and extremely compact dimensions comparable to USB flash drives. It will allow you to quickly backup data from a PC or transfer large files from one computer to another. High media speeds, confirmed by our tests, guarantee minimal time loss during file copying. It may also be useful to be able to work directly from this disk without wasting time transferring files. Using SSD technology will protect data from shock and vibration. The drive has already gone on sale at a price of about 11,000 rubles.

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