Test and review of children’s smart watches ELARI KidPhone Fresh: always in touch and under supervision

Written by Ahsan Kamal

ELARI, the manufacturer of smart consumer electronics, has released a new version of the KidPhone Fresh smartwatch. The set of “parental” features is impressive. How it all works in practice is in our review.

Children’s “smart” watches are a unique way to increase the safety of a child when he is on the playground, on the way to school and in the child’s or educational institution. In general, this gadget is not so much a watch as a mobile device that is constantly on the arm of your child and allows you to track its location, as well as assess the situation around the baby. The new version of KidPhone Fresh has all the necessary functions for this, and in it the manufacturer tried to increase the reliability of communication and data transfer. Due to what this was accomplished, we will tell in our review.

What’s new in design

New children’s watches received the prefix Fresh in the name, which means “Fresh.” The device really got a nice appearance due to the transparent plastic bumper framing the watch case itself. It is to him that a very soft silicone strap with a plastic buckle is attached via metal pins.

It is large enough to comfortably position the watch on any child’s hand, and even be used by adults, however, in the last two holes. The manufacturer offers a choice of three bright colors: yellow, red and green. We had a green watch on the test, although, in our opinion, this color is closer to azure (a mixture of blue and green).

In this watch, the company’s specialists decided to use only one button, which is responsible for turning on, and also performs the functions of “Return to the previous menu” and the SOS button (notification of parents about an alarm situation), which is activated by holding it for 3 seconds. Scrolling through the menu and selecting its items is performed by the touch screen. It works quite clearly.

Another important innovation, compared with other models of this company, is the location of the tray for the SIM card Nano format on the upper edge of the case. To extract it, you will need a special plastic scapula in the form of a mediator, which is included. The location of this element near the strap mount is not accidental – its axis will not allow you to remove the card by picking up the tray with your fingernail. But with the help of a mediator, this can be done without problems.

Note that the watch has protection against dust and water, so the SIM card tray has a rubber sealing cuff. Reliably closed with a silicone plug and the contacts of the charging slot located on the bottom of the watch, which is also difficult to pick up with a fingernail (but possible). All this allows you to briefly lower the gadget into the water, but the manufacturer does not recommend swimming in the watch or taking a shower.

The location of the speaker gap on the lower edge of the watch gives a guarantee of directional sound specifically to the face of the child. The bell and the sound of the voice here is extremely loud, so he won’t be able to miss your call, even if, for example, everyone in the sandbox or in the hallway of the school yells in a loud voice.

What are interesting watches for a child

Oddly enough, but the clock can show the time. To do this, just press the button and, the first time you press the screen, a simplified analogue clock with a face in the style of “Emoji” in the center is displayed, and the second time shows the time in digital format with the date and day of the week. Right on the clock in the menu you can select “wallpaper” for the dial, which is offered by as many as 6 here – from calm textures to funny faces.

In addition, games are available for the child – arithmetic questions with “Easy”, “Normal” and “Heavy” levels for training in addition and subtraction. Also, the baby can take pictures on the front camera and view photos. The watch has a pedometer that displays the steps taken, but not the distance traveled in meters.

Among the options you can choose a voice chat, with which you can send a parent a voice message. This function works via the Internet, so the message itself will be received on the smartphone in the mobile application. For such communication, each of the parents must have this program on the smartphone and, of course, have access to the mobile Internet.

Another interesting option is adding friends with a similar watch. They can be added to the list through the mobile application, and then the children have the opportunity to send voice messages to each other.

Among all the functions of this gadget, in our opinion, the most important are voice calls. In watches they are made in an extremely convenient form for him: there is a limited list of contacts, by selecting any of which he can quickly call him. Phones are added to it by the parent (administrator) through the Elari Safe Family mobile application (there are versions for iOS and Android). And, of course, the child can quickly receive a call from any of the parents.

Control functions

If we described above what this watch of the child himself can please, then in this part we will talk about the “parental control” itself through the mobile application. It includes tracking the location of the child, including setting up a geofence, upon exiting from which a notification will be sent to the parent. The movements of the child are displayed on the map as broken lines. The watch is equipped with a GPS-receiver (there is also support for GLONASS and LBS), which displays the location of a person more accurately than other models. In addition, the watch has a Wi-Fi module, which will also help determine the location by the nearby points. You can enable it directly in the clock menu. If you want to see all the movements of your child on the map, then it is worth reducing the interval between the transmission of a positioning signal. But both of these actions will speed up battery drain.

In our test, the movement track turned out to be rather chaotic and within 100 m, although the movements were within a radius of 500 m. This can be explained by poor reception of signals from satellites in a dense urban area. Perhaps in less high-rise buildings, GPS accuracy will increase significantly.

Another equally important control function is photo and audio tracking, invisible to the child. In a mobile application, the parent can simply click on the button with the camera, and the watch will send him a photo from the front camera of the device. Several of these shots will allow you to evaluate what is happening around. In addition, you can listen to what is happening next to the child by pressing the button with the image of the ear. After such a command, the child’s watch will call you and you will hear what is happening next to the baby.

The application also has a function for viewing the pedometer and the battery level on the watch. In the Settings section, the “History” function is interesting, where every day information about the movement of a person is collected. Here you can configure the function “In the classroom”, when the clock will not interfere with the child. There are alarm settings and the activation of the “Shutdown Prohibition” option, which will not allow the baby (or anyone else) to independently turn off the clock from the device’s menu.

It is important to know that this model supports only the 2G network standard (GPRS), which on the one hand provides more stable mobile communications and reliable data transfer. But on the other hand, the speed of such transmission is very low, which will not allow you to instantly receive the requested digital data (photo and audio recording). This also explains the lack of video chat features and the use of voice assistant Alice in the watch.

In addition, some mobile companies (such as Tele2, Danycom, Rostelecom, MGTS, Tinkoff and other virtual operators) use only the 3G and 4G network, which will not allow their SIM cards to be used for this watch. This should be considered before buying a watch, as Internet tariffs for mobile giants such as MTS, Beeline and Megafon have also become gigantic.


In normal use, the watch can last up to 2 days, and in standby mode – up to 3 days. When a child uses games, frequent voice chats and calls, the gadget keeps calm from morning until late at night, which makes it possible to recharge them without prejudice to everyday use.

Impressions after two weeks of use

Watches KidPhone Fresh liked the pleasant design and ease of use. However, to configure them and to alert, you will still have to study the attached instructions – a “smart” gadget requires a careful approach. There will be no problems installing the application and registering in it if everything is in order with the SIM card and its Internet access. The program itself has a convenient and simple fully localized interface. The watch has a built-in Bluetooth 3.0 and Wi-Fi module, and frequently used points can be configured in the application and activated in the watch itself to speed up data transfer from them. Calls through a mobile operator are made almost instantly, and the sound in the watch is quite loud without any interference or echo. There are three volume levels and three screen brightness levels. For everyday use, the first is enough

Geo-positioning is carried out quite clearly, even if the child is indoors. Moreover, the map service can be selected from both Google and Yandex. To get a more accurate track, it is better to set the interval in 1 or 5 minutes in the settings of the Geolocation menu, but the watch’s battery will be discharged faster. The watch allows you to take pictures of acceptable quality, which can be used both for selfie and for monitoring a child. The same can be said for sound. The device is comfortable to wear, its light weight and dimensions are almost not felt on the hand, and the soft strap with a hollow on the inside allows the skin to breathe.

Product Conclusion

Children’s smart watches ELARI KidPhone Fresh are sure to make an enthusiastic impression on children thanks to their nice design, bright colors and comfortable fit on the hand. They are pleasant and easy to use for both the child and parents, as well as configure through the application. Thanks to the use of the ancient 2G transmitter, communication will be reliable anywhere, and GPS will provide accurate tracking of people on the ground. Tracking functions will be useful if there is any doubt about the actions of the child or his company. Watches have good autonomy, and if they are not heavily loaded, then you can expect 2 days to charge. A big plus is the water and dust protection according to the IP67 standard, so that they can withstand rain and immersion in a puddle.

The device is already on sale in the network supermarkets of electronic equipment Svyaznoy and MTS. Also from can be purchased in the online store ELARI  at a price of 3,490 rubles.

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