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KIVI 40FB50BR TV test: the main nuances of the budget model

Written by Ahsan Kamal

A TV with good image quality is a rarity among budget models with a large diagonal, but the KIVI 40FB50BR is just one of them. And although there are some gaps in its equipment, it turned out to be very fast and easy to use. Details in our review.

The first thing you pay attention to when looking at the KIVI 40FB50BR is the huge screen and the sophisticated design of the case. Despite the impressive dimensions, the device weighs very little – less than 7 kg. Due to this, it is not difficult to transfer it from place to place, and the center of gravity, shifted to the lower part, provides excellent stability even on V-shaped metal legs supplied with the TV. Let’s take a closer look at the device.

Appearance and equipment

The TV has a modern elegant design with thin frames around the screen and a small display thickness at its edges – 10.5 mm. The titanium color of the plastic of the front part and black – the back side make up a universal color combination for any interior in the apartment – whether it is a living room, bedroom or kitchen. Of course, 40 inches for the kitchen can be a bit much, but it all depends on the size of the kitchen itself.

The manufacturer decided to abandon the massive stand in favor of openwork V-shaped metal legs attached to the bottom of the case at a distance of about 450 mm. This size should be taken into account when choosing a TV stand. In addition, the device has 4 holes on the back for mounting VESA 200×200 mm with M6 thread, which allows you to hang the TV on the wall.

With this arrangement, it is worth considering that access to the connectors on the back of the case will be difficult – the connection is from bottom to top, and just in the lower zone is a massive plastic side that overlaps the approach to the plugs. Therefore, they will have to be connected until the TV is hung on the wall

Of the connectors necessary for everyday use, there are 2 HDMI ports, 1 USB 2.0, 1 AV and 1 SCART. There is also a 3.5 mm mini jack headphone output, an antenna output and a CI slot for installing a CAM module. Of course, such a set of interfaces looks very budgetary, but this is understandable – the manufacturer positions this model as an inexpensive solution for a country house and a small living room or children’s room.

The TV has a built-in TV tuner, a media player for viewing text, photos, videos and playing music. How it all works, we will tell below, but for now a little about the features of the settings.

Settings, menus and controls

The TV pleased with the simplicity of control and the laconicism of the setup menu for both channels, and images and sound. Everything is thought out and convenient: there are predefined profiles for the image and sound, for example, for the image you can choose “Standard”, “Soft”, “Bright” or “Custom” (you can configure the settings as you wish), and for sound – “Standard” , “Video”, “Sports” and “Custom” (you can configure the parameters as you wish).

It’s easy to set up channels. There are two types of TV signal processing in this model: DVB-T and DVB-C. The first is for terrestrial channels, and the second is for cable television, and therefore in this mode you can get higher image quality. Manual and automatic channel search is available and, conveniently, you can rename and sort them yourself in the “Edit Channel” menu.

For digital television (DTV), more functions are available, including a TV program, a reminder of a scheduled broadcast, and even recording the broadcast on a USB flash drive. For these functions, the EPG button on the remote control is used, as well as the colored buttons located in its middle part. If the remote control has run out of batteries or is out of place somewhere, you can control the TV using the multi-function joystick located next to the IR sensor, which can be found on the bottom of the TV to the left. A short press in the center – on, long – off.

For multimedia functions, buttons on the remote, such as Input, are useful for you, with which you select a signal source, including a USB flash drive, Menu and Exit. The latter replaces the already familiar “Back” button and allows you to get out of any menu item, for example, if you opened a USB flash drive with a large number of files. 

Impressions of working with TV, image and sound quality

KIVI 40FB50BR belongs to the class of simple devices that are not equipped with Smart TV functions. But this is precisely what it attracts many users to, because An unburdened braking OS turns on quickly and instantly responds to commands from the remote control. I liked that the control menu is simple and intuitive, allowing you to adjust the image and sound to the desired content in a couple of clicks – be it sports broadcasts, feature films or TV shows.

The device is equipped with an excellent ASV (Advanced Super View, developed by SHARP) matrix with a brightness of 300 Cd / m2, combining the qualities of IPS and TN technologies. High contrast and wide viewing angles (about 170 degrees), as well as a quick response to frame change (6 ms) provide an excellent image both in fast scenes, for example, in films and games, and when viewing photos. This means that this TV is perfect for set-top boxes and, for example, as a huge monitor for a PC.

In tests, the TV showed perfect color reproduction and image detail in dynamic and static scenes. This screen has a large margin of brightness and color saturation. For films and photos, we liked the “Cold” color temperature, which provides natural shades for faces and objects. The matrix backlight is even and without any light on the entire surface of the display. Only around the perimeter near the screen frame its brightness decreases slightly due to the remoteness from the edges of the backlight. But comfortable viewing angles without fading the picture were slightly less than the declared 170 degrees. Already at 110 degrees, colors begin to fade gradually. But in the zone of 90 degrees, the matrix shows a rich, bright and contrasting picture. 

As for the sound, this model uses two stereo speakers, each of which is 8 watts. Their power is enough to provide the effect of presence as when watching movies and sports broadcasts. However, those who are used to watching TV with a low sound level will lack clarity – the heroes ’speech doesn’t seem very intelligible, but in order to hear everything better, you have to turn up the volume.

The TV does an excellent job of telecasting and playing multimedia in the most common formats, including MKV. The power of the 2-core processor installed here (the name of the model could not be determined) and the USB 2.0 speed are enough to play video with only a small bitrate – up to 6 Mbit / s (including with Full HD resolution). The same applies to viewing photos from a flash drive.

At the same time, you need to be prepared that the film or images that you recorded on a USB flash drive will turn out to be too “heavy” and will be annoyingly slow on this equipment. For such cases, we recommend that you additionally buy the TV-Box prefix (on AliExpress such a device costs about 2,500 rubles), which will take on the reproduction of all media content, including the smart functions of Smart TV with Internet access.

Of the annoying moments, we note the not-so-well-designed port panel on the back of the TV. Connecting the plugs from the bottom up is good, but the plastic side located at the bottom makes the HDMI and USB cable (extension cable) with a break. Moreover, if the TV is mounted on a wall, access to the ports is completely blocked. There are comments on the supplied power cable, which has a straight plug that protrudes decently beyond the surface of the case. When wall mounted, it abuts against the wall, and the wire works on a kink. But, surprisingly, the 220v plug itself is made conveniently – at an angle of 90 degrees.

Of course, all these are trifles that you pay attention to only the first time you connect. In the future, this TV provides only positive emotions from high-quality pictures.

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